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Would you like to have an never ending supply of leads at your fingertips month after month, year after year?  That’s exactly what you have when you specialize in the niche probates. Not only that, you can help SO many people!

I can show you how to become THE probate investing expert in your area in just 5 short weeks with my course, Probate Investing Simplified. 

In a little over a month from now, you’ll know where to find these off market deals, you’ll understand how the probate process works, you will know exactly how to market to these folks, and you will have all the marketing materials you need to hit the ground running. If you are an “agent-investor” then you have double the opportunity!



Then you’re in the right place. Probates have been my #1 source of leads for over a decade, and it can be yours too. I can show YOU exactly how to tap into this very lucrative niche.

Whether you’re an investor or a real estate agent, you’re missing a great opportunity if you’re not working with probates.  Not only are they one of the best sources of leads on the planet, but you get to help a whole lot of people in the process! 

Here is what you need to understand; these folks have a problem. They have a house they must sell so the heirs can get what they have inherited, and the estate can be closed. They have take care of “the business” of settling the estate, and that’s where we are able to help. 

It really is that simple.  

Here is what Bill has to say .... Sharon is the "Best of the Best" in the "Probate Investing Realm "

“This course will be one (1) of the “Best Investments” you have ever made!!!! Trust me, in my thirty (30) plus years of Buying, Selling, and Investing in Real Estate, I have reviewed and invested-in just about every Real Estate Book, Cassette Tape, CD, DVD and On-Line System, regarding Real Estate Investing, out there.” 


After completing Probate Investing Simplified you will:


Be the obvious choice for sellers that have a probate property to sell.


Be known as the "go-to probate expert" in your area.


Understand the terminology and how the probate process works from start to finish!'ll know how to implement the course step-by-step.


Know how to find leads and effectively market to these executors and the heirs while simultaneously building your brand.


Be able to use your new marketing expertise to find deals in any real estate niche!



This Is How The Course Works.

You will receive a new module every 7 days. That gives you a whole week to complete the lessons and get all your questions answered before moving on to the next module.  The course is designed this way for one reason… to ensure your success.


You will have a complete understanding of the probate process, and a visual roadmap for success. You just need to do the work. (There is that.)  You will be confident talking to these sellers about the process.



There are over 3300 counties in the US, and each one of them has a different procedure for getting probate leads. You’e going to learn how (and where) you can find them.  Most people never get past this step. 


You need to know the language and terminology used in the probate process to be able to confidently speak to sellers. Once you do, you will show up as “the expert” every time and quickly gain the trust of the seller.


I will show you how to market to these valuable off-market leads the right way. You get a complete set of mail merge ready letter templates  so you can confidently reach out to these sellers. (Theres a complete set for investors and one for agents)



Learn how to talk to these sellers with confidence.  You will know how to easily build rapport with them so you get more offers accepted (or more listings if you’re an agent.)  We’ll dive into wholesaling probates, how to create follow-up systems and so much more! 


Websites: Tips for using technology effectively for marketing, why you must have a website (and where to get one). I have some sources for “done for you”. You’ll also get some advanced tips you can implement on your website such as simple videos. 



You’re going to learn how to do direct mail the RIGHT way. What’s the real bonus here?  Not only does this module set you up for success with probates, but you can use the information in this module to market to any group of motivated sellers. I will also give you some resources for outsourcing this process. Systems will set you free!


You will also get a 2 complete sets of (mail merge ready) letter templates for marketing to these folks in probate.  You will get one set for investors, and another set for agents (think listings). These are the same letters I have successfully used in my business for more than a decade. You’ll know how to make this process easy so you’ll be a direct mail pro in no time.


Interested in outsourcing some of the work? I’ll give you a list of resources I still use today.  Outsourcing some of the day-to-day work, will help you build your business faster.


I’ll show you how to create a simple but effective marketing plan for probates. Remember that these are off-market deals, so direct mail is how you reach out to these folks.




Not only will you have all the information and tools you need for success, you will get 1 full year of ongoing support after the course. That’s right. One full year.  

Let me tell you, my friend, that is a game changer!   

Let me ask you this… 

How many times have you taken a course, then when it’s over you feel like you’ve just been dropped like a hot potato? You still have a million questions but there’s no way to get them answered.  

That’s not going to happen to you after you’ve finished Probate Investing Simplified. 

Just think of how powerful it will be for you and your business to have ongoing support with me in the private members only Facebook group. You have access to this group right from the beginning as a Probate Investing Simplified member.   

We will have Zoom calls where you can ask your questions, but you can also email them to me if you aren’t able to attend the calls. The calls will be recorded and sent to you via email. You’ll also have access to my private Facebook group FOREVER. This is a closed group is just for folks that have taken the Probate Investing Simplified course. 

I will pop into the group regularly to answer your questions.  And… as a bonus, you will have the opportunity to network with the other folks in the group and brainstorm strategies for growing your business!  

And you’ll have me to hold you accountable for reaching your goals <— Priceless! 



Mike Snyder – Baywind Properties

Kevin Forte – KJF Properties, LLC

Joanna Dennis – Julep homes


Hi There, I’m Sharon Vornholt, and welcome to Probate Investing Simplified!

I began investing in 1998, and I have focused on the niche of probates for more than a decade. Since 2008 to be exact! I’m here to show you through my own experience how to build a highly, profitable and rewarding probate investing business. The great thing about probates is they are off-market deals with much less competition than most other niches in real estate. Not only will you never run out of leads, you get the opportunity to help so many people in the process.  I absolutely love this niche.

If you’re an investor, whether you are a wholesaler, a rehabber or a buy and hold landlord, probates are a great source of leads. They are also an untapped goldmine for Realtors when it comes to listings.


Sharon Vornholt is a successful Real Estate Investor, educator and writer. (She has been a successful Real Estate Investor in the Louisville, Kentucky area since the late 1990’s). She is passionate about Real Estate Investing and helping others achieve their dreams and goals through successful Real Estate Investing. 

This is especially true in the “Probate Investing Realm” where she has been successfully investing in “Probate Investment Real Estate” in the Louisville, Kentucky Area for the past ten (10) plus years. 

Now, we are all privileged because Sharon has taken all of her years of “Real Estate Investing” and “Probate Investing Knowledge” and “Synthesized that Knowledge and Expertise” into a “New System” that she has “Just Created” entitled, “Probate Investing Simplified”. 

Whether you live and invest in Real Estate, or plan to, in New York City, New York, Chicago, Illinois, or Los Angeles, California, or in a small Real Estate Market in the Midwest, or South, and are interested in, one (1) of the most lucrative niche’s in Real Estate Investing, then “Sharon Vornholt’s” “Probate Investing Simplified System” is the “Right Probate Investing System” at the “Right Time” for you. 

Trust me, in my thirty (30) plus years of Buying, Selling, and Investing in Real Estate, I have reviewed and invested-in just about every Real Estate Book, Cassette Tape, CD, DVD and On-Line System, regarding Real Estate Investing, out there. Sharon Vornholt’s “Probate Investing Simplified System” is the “Best of the Best” especially in the “Probate Investing Realm”. 

Whether you are a “Seasoned Veteran” or a “Newcomer”, that knows little or nothing about Real Estate Investing, Sharon’s “Probate Investing Simplified System” is the “Best Investment for You”. 

Here’s Why!!! Sharon’s “Probate Investing Simplified System”, provides you everything that you need to know to be a “Successful Probate Investor” in a “Practical” “Step-By-Step Manner” that can be “Easily Understood” and “Utilized” in “Your” “Real Estate Market”, and you can learn in an “Effective” and “User-Friendly” “Audio and Video Format”, in the comfort of your home or office. 

With Sharon’s “Probate Investing Simplified System” you will have a “Complete Understanding” and “Road-Map” of the “Probate Investing Process” “A” to “Z” and how to “Effectively” and “Easily Apply” what you learn from Sharon’s “Probate Investing Simplified System” to “Probate Investing” in your Market or State.  

Sharon will provide you the “Tips and Tricks” for getting “Probate Leads” right in your own backyard and how and where you can find them. To achieve success in the “Probate Investing Process” you must learn the “Lingo” and “Terminology”. Sharon teaches you how to present yourself as a “Probate Specialist” and make that learning-process both fun and enjoyable at the same time. The key to any “Successful Business” is finding a “Steady-Stream” of customers to invest in your product or service.  

In Sharon’s “Probate Investing Simplified System”, she provides you a Marketing System” of “How to Get Leads and Deals”, the “Actual Letters” that she uses in her own Real Estate Probate Business, how to get such “Probate Letters” “Done for you (“Printed and Processed”), at a Reasonable Price”, and how to say the “Right Things” to “Probate Sellers” in the “Right Way”. 

Sharon also teaches you the “Secret Insider Tips” for working with “Probate Sellers” that you will not learn from any other “Probate Investment System” “Out There”!!! Further, she teaches you “How to Connect and Emphasize” with those “Probate Sellers” that have just lost a Loved-One, how to create “Realistic Expectations” with “Probate Sellers” about the condition and valuation of their inherited-properties, and “Walk-Away” from your meeting with such “Probate Sellers” with a “Signed” “Real Estate Purchase Agreement” for a property that you can add to “Your Own Real Estate Rental Portfolio” or “Assign” or “Re-Sell” (“Wholesale”), to another Real Estate Investor for a nice “Assignment Fee” or “Profit”. 

Plus, Sharon teaches you how to use all of the “Tools of Technology” like “Websites”, plus she has included “Bonus Videos” for “Direct Mail Resources”, “Outsourcing”, and a “Realistic Probate Marketing Plan” “That’s Simple”, “Realistic”, and “Easy-to-Follow”. 

And Sharon “Isn’t Done Yet”!!!  Included in her “Probate Investing Simplified System” she also provides weekly “Q & A” sessions” during which she interacts with each one of her students and answers every question you could possibly have about “Probate Investing” as it applies to your own “Real Estate Market” and she stays with you until all of your questions, concerns, and challenges are answered to your “Complete Satisfaction”.  

Sharon Vornholt’s “Probate Investing Simplified System” is truly the “Best Probate Investing System” on the “Market Today”. 

Her “Probate Investing Simplified System” “Way Under-Promises” and “Way Over-Delivers”.  I would highly recommend, with a “Five-Star (*****) Rating, that you invest in “Sharon Vornholt’s “Probate Investing Simplified System” “Today”!!!!!! 

It will be one (1) of the “Best Investments” you have ever made!!!! 

William J. Rafter

Bluegrass Real Estate Investment Group

My goal is to continue to grow my business and in order for that to happen, we need to have access to properties that others do not.  The only way to do that is by developing a concise, consistent marketing campaign that includes letters, business cards, a logo and a website that doesn’t require an advanced degree to maintain and update.  While I had the ability to develop those items, the schedule and consistency were a challenge.  There is also a discomfort with incorporating new steps into your business that push you outside your comfort zone.  

I had begun direct mail campaigns but, they were not reaching motivated sellers.  After hearing about how you need to be consistent, I was unsure of how to adjust the marketing to try and reach my desired audience.  I had all the pieces and Sharon helped me put them together.  More than anything the accountability and planning for me is a tremendous help.  I know how to do what I do, and now I want to do more of it. 


Threshold Homes

When it comes to real estate investing it can be a very exciting as well as scary industry. Exciting in that it can provide you with personal and financial freedom, yet scary in the amount of information needed to know to be successful.  

Sharon has created one of the best programs for real estate investors. Her VIP program is customized to each student’s situation and goals. We discussed topics ranging from direct mail strategies and gathering probate leads, to the best website and VA for running a company efficiently.   

But where Sharon separates herself from others is her knowledge and passion for marketing and branding. I did not realize until I spoke with her how diverse and important the topic is. Marketing and branding have become a focal point for my business, and with Sharon’s support, I believe my company will reach a height that was unattainable before. 


Chadwick Buys Houses

Probate Investing Simplified allowed me to connect the dots between my previous Court experience and my current Real Estate career.  Sharon Vornholt’s training provides a detailed explanation of the process and also provides the resources required for implementation.   

It allowed me to understand the opportunities available as an Investor and Real Estate Agent. I would recommend Probate Investing Simplified to anyone interested in learning the Probate process because it’s easy to understand and provides a wealth of information!  Thank you, Sharon, 

Carlene Johnson

CJ'Services Homes

Sharon Vornholt’s Probate Investing Simplified program is the best money I have spent in a long time. The information I learned from the program will make me an expert in the field of probate investing. She is very knowledgeable and was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions. Marketing and branding will be key areas of importance to the success of my business. I can’t wait to get started because I know I am going to be a successful real estate investor very soon.  
Sharon Brown

SMB Property Solutions

“My name is Michael Ramsay.  I’ve been investing for over 20 years.  I came across Sharon on Bigger Pockets and subsequently found out she had a Probate Course that was about to be launched.  At the time I was looking for new ways to obtain leads for my business, so I decided to purchase the Probate Course.  I must say I was splendidly surprised by the amount of valuable information that Sharon included in this course.  The course is very detailed in the Probate process.  After completing the course, I now have the confidence to start my marketing and speak confidently to any owner of a Probate property.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to start a Probate investment business.  Thank you, Sharon, for all the hard work you placed into this course and for divulging this much information!”   
Michael Ramsey

Extreme Home Solutions, LLC

Thanks for putting together and offering Probate Investing Simplified.  You provided a lot of new information and insight for setting up a business and working with people going through the process.  I especially liked the weekly Q & A sessions and the letters for mail campaigns.   
Joyce Wazny

Arizona House Buyers

I cannot thank you enough for putting together your Probate Investing Simplified course. While I have done a few deals, I am still a relative novice and still work FT. I live in a pretty competitive market (as do many), so I decided to invest in the course as a way to add an additional lead source. While I was aware of the probate niche, there seemed to be quite a bit of misinformation in the market regarding how to do a probate deal, and the lead sources I could find were quite expensive.  

This course was exactly what I needed! The material was laid out thoughtfully and logically. All of the information was easily understood and the fact that you offered Q&A sessions after each module was invaluable. The course gets rid of the myths and should provide the proper tools for anyone who is willing to do the necessary work. 

As an aside, I couldn’t attend many of the Q&A sessions due to work but love that the resource was available and the fact that they were recorded.  

I have been a fan of your podcast for some time, but even more of a fan now. Thank you again for putting a real, actionable course out and for being so responsive to questions and so giving of your time. Now, shut down the course so the market is not flooded with new experts. 😉 

I hope to be able to join you at one of your bootcamps in the future!  

Robert Miller

I Buy South Florida

I am privileged to have participated in Sharon Vornholt’s “Probate Investing Course”.   It gave me a shot in the arm as I was expanding my knowledge into a real estate sector in which I had limited to no experience.   

With the US Census declaring that Between 2020 and 2050, the number of deaths is projected to rise substantially, Sharon’s course could not have come at a more perfect time.  By ridding itself of the excess housing, the aging population may offer investors the most lucrative real estate investing opportunities in their lifetime. 

Jonathan Fields

President, Fields Collins Properties


How does the course structure work?

This course has 6 Modules, plus a bonus direct module for a total of 7 modules.  You will get one module immediately then one module a week for the next 5 Weeks, which you can dive into at your own pace! There are multiple lessons within each module. *All Bonuses including the Direct Mail Bonus and Direct Mail Resources will be available the final week of the course (Week 5). The course modules are not downloadable, but they will be available to you online forever. 

What is the benefit of doing it this way?

You will have a clear understanding of the probate process, and you’ll have your foundation in place before you spend any money on direct mail campaigns or other marketing. This is a proven path to success. 

Do you offer a Refund?

))You are important to me, so I want to be sure you have a clear understanding of the refund policy:

This course is set up so that one module is released every week for 6 weeks (which includes the direct mail bonus module and the other bonuses).

There are 6 core modules PLUS the Bonus Direct Mail Module for a total of 7 modules. There are multiple lessons within each module. These bite sized lessons are designed to be quickly consumed, so it’s easy to get through the course at your own pace. 

All of the bonuses including the bonus Direct Mail Module, the entire series of (mail merge ready) probate letter templates, forms, and other bonuses will be released along with module #6 (in week six). This will ensure that you have your foundation in place before spending money on direct mail. I want you to have a clear understanding of the process before starting direct mail campaigns. Direct mail campaigns work extremely well when done properly. 

This will greatly increase your chances for success. This course works if YOU do the work

But, if you decide this course isn’t for you, here’s how you can get a refund. You must complete the first two modules within the first two weeks after purchasing the course. After doing thatIf you decide this course is not for you, you must cancel within 14 days (before the 3rd module is released). So either way, you’ll get 1/3 of the course, and we’ll still be friends. 


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